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Using your face vs. not using your face

I recently changed a couple of my gig videos so that I now feature myself in them. I am still undecided if having a physical presence, that buyers can see, is comforting or my ugly mug will just scare people away. I feel it does make my gigs stand out a bit more from the crowd. What do other people think?


i dont know,

my personal opinion after checking two of your gigs is that your lighting isn’t ideal therefore that is more distracting to me than your genetics.

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I’d hope buyers wouldn’t care about the quality of the lighting in my videos as I produce screencasts, captioning and voice overs, nothing to do with live cameras. But your point is valid.

using face always a better option as I think whatever it’s suit or not. And I also used mine (although it’s not a perfect one :p) And fiverr also recommend to use original image in profile and video demonstration.


I use my face but wear dark glasses as a disguise … :male_detective:


@coerdelion because of your photo I always see you as a wise Japanese man :laughing:

I’ve always thought it best to market your personality and image when selling creative services such as voice overs. I think the exception to this would be logo making and art, where the creations themselves are the attraction.

Personally I think a logo looks a bit cold, like you’re pretending to be a corporate when everyone really knows you’re a one man band!


I think it works! And you do look much younger on the gig images than here on the Forum! I think it was @marinapomorac who said that

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Hey Wolfman, :wolf:

I’ll keep it real with you, from a Buyer POV, a face wins me over every time. :relaxed: It’s personable and stands out from a Seller(s) using a random image or celebrity pic. Oops, did I say that?! :no_mouth: Seeing the face behind the account of the person. It’s the human connection. If you’re doing voiceovers maybe take a snapshot in the studio or in front of the microphone. Take a few selfies in different settings. So, my answer is an actual image of yourself works.

I get a mysterious vibe from you. :sunglasses:


I speak only enough Japanese to be polite …

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Thanks for the detailed input :slight_smile: I am now thinking :thinking:, as well as a video with my face in for each gig having a photo as well after that comment. :camera_flash::man_office_worker::film_strip:

P.S. also glad my fave didn’t scare you away :wolf:

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I honestly think that using one’s own face is better than using an icon, unless someone offers a service where they want to showcase their skill through their icon, such as an artist who does profiles doing one of him or herself. Even though I believe this, I still don’t use my face because I don’t feel comfortable with it. I like my face, but I don’t like the idea of faceless buyers seeing it, especially with many of them being of the creepier, male variety. I’ve gotten enough comments without having my face, and I don’t want to know what they’d say if they knew what I looked like.


I completely understand that. My partner also has an account. So I get to see first hand the kind of messages and requests she receives in her inbox compared to me. Needless to say, I am usually telling her to hit the report and spam button.


Well, I do not like the part where I can see your person in your first gig video.

Here´s what troubles me with that part:

  1. Scene lighting
  2. Your speech is kind of “in a hurry” in my opinion
  3. Your eyes go down a bit for a friction of second at about 0:05

I like the wallpaper behind you. English.

As much as I appreciate the critique of my video, the discussion was more about having a live video or not, not my video quality. I don’t see myself as an incredibly photogenic person at the best of times :joy:. And that wall paper is sadly not our choice.

Addition: It also doesn’t help that I have a resting moody face, I’m not naturally smiley and struggle to do the whole “YouTube star” thing.


I like having my face on my gigs because it feels more like my gig is a casting call than just a business page.


I think its better with your personal touch on you gigs like your faces on video. study proves that selling is better with the look of the seller face than without, but it doesn’t mean that you have to look attractive, be confident of what you are. cheers

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I am a strong advocate of using your face and appearing on camera in your gig videos. I understand that in an ideal world, we as Sellers would like Buyers to order from us based on our work, but the reality is if a Buyer can relate or connect with you on some personal level, that could be the determining factor for them selecting you over another Seller. And ultimately, one of the keys to success on the platform is forming those strong relationships that encourage Buyers to repeatedly come back to your services. And as humans, it’s much easier to form that bond with another human (as opposed to an anonymous username and logo).

And at the end of the day, if I Buyer doesn’t like you (based on you appearing in your Gig video), they probably are the best fit for you anyway. And the Buyers who do like you, will be much easier to work with in the long run.


That’s a great point you make, I agree that people would connect easier if they can see who is behind the work.