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Using YouTube to Promote our Gigs?

I’ve been wondering, YouTube being the world’s second largest search engine second to only Google itself and being the largest video sharing website, can we use it to gain some attention to our services? Let’s say I’m offering YouTube video editing services on Fiverr and I upload a few tutorials on YouTube on little tips / tutorials on video editing and at the end of each video I post a small reminder that I provide video editing services on Fiverr. This can be either posted in the description section of each video.

What are your thoughts on this? I think it’s a great way to gain a lot of exposure and start selling more. According to what I’ve read on Fiverr’s ToS I don’t think sharing our gigs on social media is a bad idea and if YouTube / Google+ falls into that category then I guess it’s safe for us to promote our gigs on YouTube? Please share your comments :slight_smile:

Reply to @awesomesachi: That’s the idea, one time a buyer had a question about ordering on Fiverr, I went on Youtube and searched “how to order on Fiverr” and found a great explainer video.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Yes. Also I will be able to be of help as well.

Reply to @willpower_hk: You got a point. I will keep that in mind.

Reply to @adnagam: I think so too. I’m counting on it.

Youtube is an excellent way to get your gigs out there. A lot of marketers over look youtube and you can use there ads really affordable. You can target location, age, and so on.

Helpful content works wonders when you’re doing social media, so I think it’s a great idea.

Reply to @annai80: Thank you so much.

Reply to @mikucchi: Don’t worry. It will eventually get better :slight_smile: I wish you luck

An SEO-optimized website would be better than YouTube if your gig is not suitably presentable as videos constantly. No one would subscribe to a channel if it doesn’t update. I’d say art-related gigs (video animation, logos, illustration, voice-over…) would benefit more.

Reply to @biggz27: Thank you for that info. I will look into it.

Yes. I think so. This is a great method to promote our gigs.

I already did this 1 week ago, but my gig’s view number is not much different than before :frowning:

Reply to @awesomesachi: No it’s not against TOS :wink: . I checked with customer support before I posted some demos of my own, since Fiverr did not give me the option back then when I created my profile. Just make sure it does not contain personal info and do not advertise other websites.

I think its one of the many great ways to promote your biz.

Reply to @silberma1976: Nothing beats fiverr! Anyways thanks for sharing your thoughts. Just for clarification it’s not against the terms of services though, is it?

is this so important to get a job ?

Reply to @fastcopywriter: After all what better way to help someone understand something? Videos have always been able to help anyone learn anything, fast.

Reply to @awesomesachi: The only caveat with videos is they require patience. If it’s 2 minutes, easy, 5+ minutes? Hard. Sometimes I’d rather read an eBook.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Yeah true. They’ll have to be edited out to make them both short and sweet.