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Using Youtube

I’ve been slower than I have hoped with getting my first buyer :frowning: I have heard a lot of good thing’s about using Youtube to promote your gigs so I decided to give it a go today. Just wondering if you experts could provide me with some advice as to how to use Youtube to promote, especially how to get those subscribers!

One question I have in particular is that if I try to subscribe to others in hopes that they will subscribe to me, what kind of people should I subscribe to first? If I subscribe to people offering similar things as me, then I would be subscribing to competitors, and therefore helping them and hurting myself, right?

Thanks for your suggestions,

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You’ll need to:

  • create a YouTube channel (try to highly customize it: profile picture, background picure, relevant name for your niche, and add your Fiverr profile to the website section, maybe up to 3 gigs would be recommended);
  • upload at least a video that promote your Fiverr services (or a gig of you) - try to add 3 or more videos, recommended;
  • create YouTube lists with targeted title/name (a relevant descriptive keyword) where you’ll add your relevant videos;
  • subscribe to people from your niche, only;
  • comment, like, add a video response (if it’s relevant and it’s a video response, else you’ll do spamming) to people from your niche;
  • share others YouTube videos from your niche on your Google+ page (so, your shares will apear as comments on their YouTube pages - it’s great for networking)
  • promote your YouTube videos on main social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc);
  • don’t buy YouTube subscribers, likes or views for your videos because your YouTube videos will be banned, and after 3 banned YouTube videos your account will be suspended (you’ll never recover it).
  • maybe some more tips I missed now…

    Good luck!

    ps: to start getting sales on fiverr you’ll need around 30-50 YouTube videos…