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USPS International Rates have DOUBLED!


I’m so upset! I shipped out a tiny package of earrings to Canada and the cost went from $3 to $6.55!! Even the clerk was shocked. Now I have to change my Intn’l shipping rates (the US ones only went up around 10c, so that’s okay) and I’m worried that Fiverr will think I’m price gouging.

This blows. Beware fellow ‘need-to-ship’ Fiverrs. You have raise those International rates. I definitely see a loss of business as the shipping will now cost more than the gig. >:P ^#(^


Reply to @madmoo: Hopefully all that editing won’t put all my gigs in review. OY VEY. I’ll do a couple at a time. Erk.


Reply to @madmoo: I don’t mind losing 50c to a $1 from my shipping costs (considering the profit margins are so very very slim here) but I can’t mail a package that weighs less than 1 ounce for $7 and only charge $3 for shipping. That won’t happen. I just have to raise the rates and lose the business.