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Uuurrgghh...I hate when BUYERS do that!


I deliver everything I write with a blurb that goes something like this: “If you’re not happy with it then please let me know and I’ll revise to your likings”. So what does this buyer do? 3.5 stars with a “satisfactory experience” comment. WTH, dude! No feedback or anything? So damn frustrating.


Yeah, that sucks.

I don’t think all buyers realize how feedback is important. Or, they are all too aware and use it against you. This wouldn’t be such a problem if, buyers had some sort of stats. How likely they give negative ratings, how often they cancel and etc. Also, I think you can mutually cancel an order after it’s been marked complete. That might help as well.


Yeah that sucks. Completed a 6000-word assignment for an order and got 4.5 in return whereas buyer was very happy. I don’t see a reason why buyers do this. Likewise, I got an order with NO details. I cancelled it and buyer didn’t even decline. It now shows in my stats as ‘1 order cancelled.’ Its killing me :confused:

Sellers need to have some more rights to make this right, IMO.


Reply to @mohsinraza50:

It’s insane! I just discovered how mutual cancellations truly work last night. Apparently, if you initiate a mutual cancellation but the buyer doesn’t respond–that counts against you! :frowning: I had the same situation recently. Now, I’m realizing MCs don’t really protect you at all cries I’m back to the grind again.


UGH! I hate when this happens! Buyers who love the work or blame me for no communication when they never reached out, or if they just don’t like leaving 5 star reviews. I don’t know what’s wrong with some of these buyers, but I say keep moving forward. There is only so much you can do for certain people.


Ugh, I hate when buyers assume I’ll do an order within a day even though they haven’t purchased an extra fast. I guess the “4 orders in Queue” didn’t tip them off that it might be difficult for me.


Reply to @edwriter: That’s true. You will end up refunding the money while keeping the negative rating. Lovely policy.


UGH! I know, or when they order a gig that states “5 days to complete” and they start asking “any update on gig” starting the second hour and never end! UGH


Reply to @gingerwriter: oh, btw, Hi Ginger… :slight_smile:


I know how you feel. The work I do is very subjective, and I want buyers to be happy! So, I ask them to tell me first if there was something they didn’t like. Whenever I get a bad review, these people do it weeks after delivery and it’s frustrating because I would have worked with them to come up with something they life.

I did place an order from someone who delivered amazing work, but his delivery message stated to leave a 5 star review if I was happy, and if I was unhappy, to not rate it. It was 5-star work and I rated it as such, but I didn’t think the delivery message was appropriate.


Reply to @alliemadison12: I totally agree with the sellers message being inappropriate as no one appreciates being “commanded” to review a certain way. In fact it probably has the opposite effect of what the seller was hoping for, as the approach probably irritates people and causes them to do the opposite.

Unfortunately I think Fiverr had a hand in creating this type of behavior as the star system scares sellers and in some cases probably creates this strange behaviour.


Reply to @russflex:

Lovely, indeed…


I feel frustrated when they don’t leave any feedback as well… Does it take so much time to write something about the work someone did for you? Sometimes, I feel the customer’s not fully satisfied, even I know I did my best. From five orders last week only one left a comment. :’(


This is why the star system doesn’t work.

Buyers don’t understand that under 5 stars means “bad seller” here. It’s not easy to communicate that even one less star in any section is a BAD REVIEW. It isn’t their fault, they don’t know that and, more often than not, if you approach them about it you’re going to be seen as aggressive.

If they want to keep the star system it needs to be completely clear. What does 2 stars even mean? Satisfactory except I hate the seller… a pretty good job overall but not what I was looking for? Who knows. I don’t. They don’t.

I still stick by needing only three.

* Unsatisfactory: Product not delivered or not as advertised. I am not satisfied with my purchase.

** Satisfactory: As advertised and delivered. I am satisfied with my purchase

***Satisfactory +: As advertised and delivered. I am happy with my purchase

Does it really need to be more complicated?


Reply to @inkpetal: Agreed! I think your suggestion of three options covers all the bases. Instead there are three categories with five options (stars) each. I’m not a buyer (I may be soon though for a tattoo design from this super cool seller I met in the forums lol) but if I were, I would view the rating system as a hassle. Rating someone should be easy not some complex multiple choice test.

“Yeah I think my seller was 3/5, 1/5 & 5/5”, all on the same order. What does that even mean and further more what does the seller take away from that? Nothing… Well maybe a bad day, a headache and a purchase for one of those “spell casting” gigs to hex whoever came up with the star system.


Side note, I think this post takes the medal for the most “ugh” 's used. Just a funny observation. Ugh!


Reply to @missashley8705: I feel positively excluded for not having used it yet.




Reply to @missashley8705:

Precisely - If they’re going to have five stars to rate 3 categories, at least clearly define what those star ratings mean IN THIS CONTEXT because anything under 5 is a thumbs down and how else is a buyer supposed to know that.

Hehehe, maybe a Fiverr exorcist. Leave this place, stars. The power of $5 compels you!


Reply to @missashley8705: Ugh! I used to care for every order not reviewed. I really did. But now I feel that, if I can get around 75% of my orders reviewed, I’m a happy camper. Don’t get me wrong. I wish I had 100% of my work reviewed. But that will never happen. I have returning customers who never review me. I used to get irritated by that, or by them doing that. [Ugh] But I read in this forum from all those who’ve been doing this a while to just move on, and they also showed what types of message they used, and I followed their advice of moving on, and even added a nice script in my delivery message to customers. Having done all I possibly can to inform the buyer of the importance of reviewing and rating, I simply hope they can leave a little “thank you” and a small review on their way out. I also like to communicate a lot with my buyers, and can usually tell which buyer will leave a review, just by how involved they were with my messages.

As for the star system, of course there should be a better mechanism implemented when dealing with buyers who give any rating other than 5 stars, and there should be more information given to them regarding the importance of the ratings. But it’s the system that’s in place, and so we must deal with it. @inkpetal Great idea of satisfaction ratings, but even this one is subjective for the two positive ratings. What would separate an awesome gig from a more than acceptable gig? How does a first-time buyer rate their experience when they have no other references than what they know at that time? Would they have the same opinion of the delivered work after buying 20 gigs?

Probably the simplest solution would be to let the site leave an automatic positive rating for delivering on time, and if a buyer fails to leave a rating for satisfaction and accuracy of the description, then automatically mark it as positive, just like the automatic review “Awesome experience!”. Just my two cents.


Reply to @norrsken_marc: My reasoning was that 2 star would be satisfied - it was delivered and nothing awful to say but not really happy with the result, and 3 for ‘yeah I’m pretty happy with that’. The site wants an objective system, and that was the most minimal solution I could come up with to keep it in the vein of “buyer’s voice” without making it completely unfair to sellers with buyers who don’t get it.

I’d be happy with descriptions next to the star ratings. At least then we’d have some kind of consistency.