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UX department needs to update the profile edit settings

How fiverr doesn’t differentiate between username and full name in sign-up page? and why I can’t change my name after signing-up? I’m now locked with my username “Spawnwolf” instead of my real name “Mohamed Said”. They need to update their UX.

No spaces allowed in username

User names are fixed and can’t be changed. This is the same on all platforms.

If you want to change your user name, contact CS, let them know that’s what you want … and ask their permission to delete your account and create a new one


I know but every platform show the full name to other clients and users not the username, on both GIG page and profile page Fiverr shows the username that isn’t professional, you can check behance you have a username and full name shows on your profile page same as any other platform I’ll not mention any of them. Username for log-in or if you want to show it the website gives you the choice not like that.

My problem isn’t spaces :smiley: