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V.I.D. Buyer getting greedy each and every time and threatens to cancel the order

Hello Fiverr,
I am a seller working on this platform for 6 years and I am facing a very bad experience now. At the time of the job post, he mentioned the nominal movement (it doesn’t mean anything), but at the time of giving work, he didn’t mention the sprite sheet animation he needs and he is claiming now about the animation work. The budget was mentioned for the 10characters, 4 backgrounds and now he is threatening to cancel the order.
Now I don’t want to cancel this order as already my performance dropped and also I invested lots of time for this project. I want my payment for this project with respect to the time and effort. As this job not done yet still few characters remaining I am working on it now. After submitting the characters to confirm he is claiming for another 10 characters need to redo. I will ask Fiverr why sellers have to suffer all the time?
Please be aware sellers from V.I.D. Buyers.
Please help! Thank you!


Well, I had only good experience working with VID buyers. It’s not about he is a VID buyer, it’s aout personality.
If you will not cancel, he will be able to do this later. Or even if he will accept your order, guess which review he will write.
Situation has no good options here, unfortunately

You are right @olyasr he cancelled the job, and I am surprised customer support didn’t take any action WOW!

Fiverr says, they take care of buyers like other businesses does. (They told me in a mail) when they canceled my order without even reaching out to me and buyer got all the files from me.