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V.I.D. Spotlight: Eric Colburn

Meet your VID: Eric Colburn

Vid Eric

Curious about what your fellow VIDs are up to on Fiverr? Meet Eric. Just a student at Northwestern Michigan College, and already **a serial entrepreneur with over 15 businesses** , including his clothing company, Vector Apparel. As you can imagine, overseeing that many businesses can be time consuming. With the help of Fiverr designers and marketers, Eric was able to build a career for himself that provided flexibility and opportunity to take on meaningful work, all while finishing his degree.

We’ve gathered some of Eric’s top deliveries, tips to succeed as a buyer on Fiverr, and a list of his favorite freelancers to work with .

Check out some of the incredible designs Eric made on Fiverr:


Logo Design by mateodcarmona


Logo Animation by motiongrapherr


Logo Design by mateodcarmona


Here Are Eric’s Top 3 Tips To Succeed On Fiverr:

1. Develop a relationship with a seller before placing an order.
Message a seller before placing the order to get feedback about your project and discuss their process.

2. Keep track of your favorite sellers.
Click Saved at the top navigation panel to create a list of your favorite gigs.
You can add sellers to the list by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines icon at the bottom left of any gig card.

3. Be open to trying new Gigs!
Experiment with new services and sellers. You’ll be surprised at just how much you can accomplish on Fiverr.
Eric uses Fiverr for everything from branding to speech writing to designing a house that he’s currently building!


Hello @mjensen415 thank you for sharing story of V.I.D. Eric Colburn. It’s quite an inspirational story considering number of business he runs at an young age.

Among 3 tips shared by Fiverr, the 3rd one is very essential (1 and 2 are as well), which says “Be open to trying new Gigs!”. You never know what you can get from who? I mean, sometimes, a new seller too can provide outstanding work despite not having many reviews at the beginning. It’s my personal experience that even as a new seller here on Fiverr earlier I got opportunities from V.I.D. and it was a five star experience in terms of design and communication.


Thanks, @logosupreme!!

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