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V.I.D. threatening for consequences

I am a blockchain developer. I am a level 2 seller. Today encountered a problem with a VID buyer. Delivered him the required product, initially given him test product once he tested delivered him a final product. He has a flaw in his idea it self and no working for him in a live environment. Now threatening me for the consequences however there is no such mistake in my work. Even using abusive language

Have launched complain with fiverr, but i have heard that VIDs get special treatment from fiverr.

What could be the consequences if he makes any complain.


as long as you communicate professionally and your work was done according to buyer instructions there should not be any problems for you, because they will check your order and messages with that buyer.
it’s true VID and Bussiness buyers get special attention because they usually spend a lot. dispute happens with any type of buyer, and the consequences are the same if you violate Fiverr TOS and the buyer report you. so you should not be worried if you haven’t done anything wrong. it’s not true that Fiverr will give a warning without any reason.
I recommend not respond to any abusive language, report those messages.

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Yeah… Fiverr CS almost always sides with the buyer and if you think someone working in CS is going to have sufficient knowledge to adjudicate on a matter of blockchain development you’re very wrong. Guarantee the buyer wins this one.

@afaqkhatri please let us know how it goes.

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