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(VA) Giving interest buyers cost estimates for longer scripts

Hi, I’m a voice actor, pretty new to fiverr. But I’ve actually gotten some business which is exciting! : )

maybe just looking for some advice. I recently got an inquiry from someone asking for rates for a pretty long script, and while I know it depends on personal preference/opinion and is based on things like experience etc., I’m not sure where to start with an approx price. I have rates set for much smaller word counts, but it’s a larger project. Should I check out other VAs and see what comparable VAs tend to have and then create an estimate from that?
Just some advice would be helpful from those who have done larger projects before ! thanks ~


Yes i think. but It always better to ask the rate specific for your work. It doesn’t matter that the other sellers ask for lesser rate or higher rate. You just ask your rate which you think actually worth for what you produce.

Do not sell your hard work for cheap. :slight_smile:

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