Vacantion mode or suspend gig question


Hi there,

I am still not sure how this things work, but please answer only if you know.

Do vacantion mode or suspend gig options affect my gig appearance or search results after I am back?

Thank you so much for you help and time,



When I go on vacation and come back, I go right back to my spot in the top ten for Highly Rated in my category. I lose no position. The same should be true for suspending your gigs. Fiverr does not penalize you for taking a break. Your stats determine where you come up in the rankings.


Reply to @webtelly: Thank you so much for your reply!


What’s the best course of action? Should I go on vacation mode or lengthen the time to complete my gig while I go on vacation later this week?


Reply to @music_lover8: I can add same question here. I don’t want to use my vacation days since I will work on my orders in these “free days”. I would prefer suspend option if it do not affect my gig.