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Vacation Day Protest, July 1st. Anti-Star Sellers unite!

Let’s see if we can get organized enough to create a bit of a ripple.

How many people are on board for a vacation day protest on July 1st? (I’ve chosen this day because Tuesdays are historically big sales days for me, and it gives us a little time to spread the word.)

Reply to @wingle: It will show an extreme decrease of sales. Unfortunately it affects sellers too, but we need to do something about this that really has an effect. I’m thinking back to the petrol strikes in the UK about a decade or almost two ago. They went on for days until there was major havoc to the general public. A few years later there was a one day strike but it did nothing to bring the cost of fuel down.

One day makes a tiny dent. A whole week will soon make Fiverr staff listen.

I’m definitely in.

I am a TRS and after 3 days of no response from fiverr regarding the ARS, I switched to vacation mode… I felt totally ignored. I’ve worked so hard to maintain 100% feedback and can’t glean any insight from the newest rating system. It’s flawed beyond belief.

@wingle AWESOME graphic, let’s get all parties to change their profile picture if possible…

This is the reply i get from buyer when i ask that why you have rated my order 3.5 stars while i deliver you excellent work and you admit it.

Hi Bobby, Don't take it personally as i have never given anyone 10/10 as it leaves no room for improvement.We have decided to add PINTEREST to our site so please add the PINTEREST logo to the card design.In fact the social media logos could be larger and
my name/director smaller.Sorry to be a pain :-( I have more work coming your way next month.

This is the reason this ARS sucks big time.

Hiya Faye. I’m in.

I’m in. Faye, can you add a specific day to your post? I’m thinking Friday. I will advertise this once an official day is decided upon.

I am in too.

Froday would be nice :slight_smile:

I’m definitely in!

Tuesday, July 1st. I will spread the word. Everyone, do the same!

The consensus appears to be leaning toward July 1st. We need to get the word out. What is the best way to do that? Perhaps we should start a new thread with the headline “Vacation Day Protest, July 1st. Anti-Star Sellers unite!”

July 1st it is!

@stop_it_man I think Faye should be able to edit the title of this thread.

I am in too!

I’m totally in!


~ Sam

i could use a day of vacation - i’ll do it! #NoMoreStars

Im in, this will be my first vacation day

I’m in!

I’m in! It was much better before. How would a seller even benefit from viewing a buyer’s rating? That doesn’t seem like an even trade off. They can still buy either way, right?

I’m in…




(July 1st is Canada Day. Which means that the country that makes the 3rd largest purchases of gigs on Fiverr in the World!.. will be on a national holiday. All the Canuck Buyers will be gone - thus “boosting” your efforts!)