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Vacation Day Protest, July 1st. Anti-Star Sellers unite!

Reply to @jaynesays: And, that’s a good point right there Jayne… what good is having a buyer rating if we have no option to accept or reject. They can still buy from us. And, if we don’t want to work for them, we have to go through the cancellation process… seems much unfair…

I’m 100% in.

Ahem!.. [clearing throat from whispering]… :wink:

Uh, yeah… I’m in.

Even though I’m a Buyer-Only (and being a workaholic, I’ll probably be the only Canadian working online that day)…

…I will add my voice to this protest against Fiverr’s ARSe…


…by refusing to buy ANY gigs, from Monday night (the 30th) through Wednesday morning (the 2nd), just in case.


Reply to @kjblynx: It will if everyone does it :slight_smile:

Count me IN! Thanks for organizing it too. The star system invites buyers to be overly critical of $5 gigs! That’s the price of a greeting card for crying out loud!

Thanks for your work Faye! I’m 100% behind you :smiley:

I’m in!!! I just got a “satisfactory experience” 3.5 stars from a buyer! I don’t know how else I could have made her experience better- I offered a free revision to her specifications (which she didn’t take or indicate that she wanted me to do it) and I gave her TWO free gig bonuses! No communication from her end either.

Reply to @kjblynx: I love your icon profile!!!

I want to be very clear about this.

The purpose of this vacation day, is not to form a union or protest the entire Fiverr experience. I’m grateful for my time on Fiverr. I’ve had the opportunity to hone my skills in a way that only mass volume provides; I’ve met some amazing people, some of whom have become real life friends, and I’ve earned a significant amount of money.

There is so much grumbling in the community at the moment, though, that I’m afraid people are going to start trickling away from Fiverr. We’ve all seen online communities rise and fall (sometimes within months). And as soon as sellers start leaving, buyers will leave, and Fiverr will no longer be a viable freelancing site.

The purpose of the vacation day is to create a small ripple, to demonstrate what it might start to look like when unhappy sellers leave.

I’M IN!!! I’ll be sure to let my buyers know that I will be on “vacation” that week and just place on vacation mode. I’m in!! Lets do this i’m ready!!

Reply to @denntinz: You said it!!

I am also IN.

And will let fiverr know that i am shutting down my gigs for the protest of bad rating system implemented.

I’m in! :slight_smile: July 1st then!

Here is the message I just sent to Fiverr Support.

"I believe the “new star rating system” is bad for buyers and sellers, for

reasons you have no doubt already heard and read.

"If you would like to incentivize sellers going “above and beyond,” replace

the star ratings with a “send a tip” button.

"Fiverr sellers already work extremely hard for their $4. This will

encourage those who go “above and beyond” rather than punishing those in a

niche with overly-picky buyers."


Bring Back Legendary Thumbs Rating!

Reply to @wingle: nice image! I will use it in my profile too :slight_smile:

Reply to @conceptcreative: thanks :slight_smile:

Count me in! I would suggest a full week of suspending gigs to really make it difficult for Fiverr.

Reply to @aingham69: I have no problem of full 1 week suspend. One week suspend will impact more and it will show extreme decrease of sale.

Reply to @aingham69: I am aware that it will hurt sellers also. Even if you shut down your gigs for 1 day you will lose high search spot (unless you are TRS or your gig is featured). So shutting down gigs for 7 days will definitely get serious attention from fiverr which is what we wanted.

We want them to listen us and bring back the rating system so all the sellers can do the work with motivation and with peace of mind.


Sellers with Stress = Complaining Buyers = Ultimately Fiverr Reputation on RISK.

Reply to @wingle: I’d like using this myself… if you don’t mind!