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Vacation Day Protest "Profile Message" - Use on or near July 1

NOTE: I’ve changed the message here with editing features. However, it was never written as people have described, it always said and CHANGE THE RATING LATER! However, not I’m just asking them to message, actually I now realize both systems are flawed, because of the ‘time differential’. A gig ordered on 1 July may not be delivered until 15 july, etc.

I was asked to come up with a message within the 300 characters we’re given for our profile.

I chose this message because when we’re away, other gigs are sometimes promoted.

I'm not on "vacation" nor taking a "play day". I'm in solidarity with buyers and sellers who oppose the "ARS" (Advanced Rating System) and prefer the review system for leaving feedback.

If you see recommended gigs below don't buy. Send them a message about the ARS

You got the message spot on and I am in. However I don’t see even regulars holding off their work for a day. If one of my regulars wanted a flyer or any graphic done urgently, I am sure they will find a way to get it done on Fiverr.

I like it and will use on July 1st. But will the buyers read even this message? They will still order. I faced it.

So I suspended few gigs.

anarchofighter said: If you see recommended gigs below don't buy. If you do, rate them 1 stars so they wake up then change it later

I am not confident that encouraging buyers to under rate sellers is the way to go. I am not confident that Fiverr will fix it after the fact. Hah. Not holding my breath on this notion at all and how would it effect sellers, such as myself, who don't sell a lot?
pearlsant said: I am not confident that encouraging buyers to under rate sellers is the way to go

Yes, that's a good point. I cannot be sure that the buyer will come back and fix their rating later. :(

Would be nice if there were a way to wake up sellers who don't know about the general strike?

Reply to @kjblynx: Yes. You are right! Will do that.

Reply to @anarchofighter: May be we can send a message to all possible people. Not sure if this works. (if they think it is spam).

Reply to @anarchofighter: Yes. Buyers directly control rating changes. Sellers are at their mercy.

As much as I want to, I can’t. I have to promote and sell. You people that already get the traffic, that already have some orders… it might not hurt you but it will hurt the new gigs. The ARS isn’t that bad either. I get 5.0 ratings from good buyers. Maybe I haven’t ran into a guy with high expectations.

Reply to @ypmagic: and if you do, don’t come back crying here!

Okay now you’re acting even worst than Fiverr. I don’t like the stars, I don’t like the way they promote other gigs below my own. But I don’t thearten others. Imaging something like this in real life: “Let’s kill Hitle together!” “Why?” “Because I’ll kill you if you don’t help me kill him!”

Reply to @miacmht: Good point. I posted a variation of the message, minus the bit about rating others 1 star. Not everyone reads the forum and not every seller is aware of the issue. I stand against the new system, but I’d hate to ruin someone else’s reputation needlessly.

I’m in on the protest but like others in this topic have stated i feel the last line is inappropriate.

Yeah the last sentence isn’t very good… Don’t use it.

Just before I go to vacation mode, I’m replacing the text on my gig pages with this:

Hello Buyer! As you can see, I’m unavailable today. I have chosen to stand with my fellow sellers in opposition to Fiverr’s new “stars” rating policy, which is already hurting my business. While we love and appreciate Fiverr, we feel compelled to send a message to them that this well-intentioned but ill-conceived “innovation” is unwanted, unnecessary and deeply detrimental to our community. You can support us by refraining from purchasing from Fiverr today. I’ll be back at it tomorrow. Thanks!

Reply to @ypmagic: scab - noun ˈskab: a worker who does not join a strike or who takes the place of another worker who is on strike.

Reply to @miacmht: It is worth pointing out a) we were all quick to modify the approach and that this is a brainstorm. AND at the same time Harriet Tubman did just that.

If you were met by Ms. T. during an Underground RR liberation and didn’t want to go with her, you were shot so you couldn’t give any information to the slavers.

Reply to @madmoo:

It was a wake up call.

It was clear that the rating would be changed. And you get a sale.

Reply to @typingservice: Remember we have very few keystrokes in our announcements. And there’s everything cool about helping to WAKE UP sellers who don’t know what’s going on.

Further, this has already been discussed.

And unlike Fiverr who won’t amend their strategy, we’ve already offered alternatives and weighed the pros and cons and decided against it.

Reply to @madmoo: No, scab is a perfectly good phrase.

This has been positioned as a general strike.

You are not forced into it…but you cannot be “praised” for not doing it.

Having said that, please see my edited opening message.

Remember this was a DRAFT.