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Vacation effect

when i join fiverr i get order after one month but I go to 7 days vacation then i did get any order from fiverr how I will get order again.
please give me some advice to get order soon.

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Did you used buyer request area?

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I use the vacation feature once a month just to take some time off as fiverr isn’t my only source of work either and it sometimes takes a day or two to get another order after i “come back” from vacation, so don’t worry about it too much. Try Buyers request or promoting on social media. I find that it takes 3-4 days, sometimes a bit more to get orders after “vacation”


Going to vacation mode effects your gig ranking in the search results that might be the reason behind not getting new orders but don’t worry keep sending buyers requests 1-2 good reviews will help you a lot to regain your ranking in the search result.

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thnkyou so much I this this will help me

thank you I absolutely try it