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Vacation mode... But I'm not going on holiday!

I lost a client this weekend, so I wanted to highlight this again in its own thread in the hope of plenty of likes and support…

‘Vacation mode’ is a hindrance more than help, not because of what it is, but simply because of its name.

I frequently mark as away on the weekends - I’m a full time voice over artist and I’m in my studio all hours that god sends during the week, and my weekend is sacred, so I often mark as ‘away’ in the only way offered ‘vacation mode’. Even if I opt for the ‘i’ll be back shortly’ or '‘i’m overbooked’ caveat, VACATION mode is set and that’s what people see.

When I mark as back, the amount of people who have asked me how my vacation was as if I’m off trekking the Himalayas over and over at any given drop of a hat, is ridiculous.

Well, this came to a head this morning when I returned to work after Saturday and Sunday off to be with my family and a client who I’d spoken to days earlier and provided a bespoke demo to (and who had a significant budget for a significant piece of work) dropped me a line having seen the ominous VACATION MODE was set with:
“Since I am quite in a rush, I contacted another actor for this job. have a nice vacation, and let’s work together another time!” He’s seen my setting, and hired someone else. Now, he may well have done this whether he knew I was back at the coal face on Monday or not, but seeing someone is ‘on vacation’ is off-putting without question, and you’d immediately seek help elsewhere as we all want our work done sooner rather than potentially when so and so comes back from the Caribbean or wherever springs to the imagination!

Please rethink this setting - it isn’t correct. We are not off on a cruise around The Med or snorkelling in The Red Sea. It’s pure semantics, and semantics in sales is important. I just want to be on WEEKEND mode or something similar.

See my other thread about an auto setting that switches off the 24 hour extra for weekends



Well, I do animation videos and I had two voice over artists to work with. One is doing the British accent and the other doing the American. Anyway, last week the one who is doing the British accent went for a “vacation” for 4 days, and during that I had many orders. What should I do? Waiting for him until he gets back? Well I need to finish my videos in three days :confused:
So yes, I found another one and since then I did not buy from him again.

You can say I am like your “buyer”, it is about business here and we want it done. For me as a buyer, I don’t care what is me seller is doing, he is just away and can’t deliver the work! So I go for another one.

BTW, what accent do you do :wink:

I’m not suggesting you wait until your voice over gets back, neither am I suggesting my client waited until I got back. I’m saying that if a client sees the word ‘vacation’ he or she have every right to assume that the seller has cleared off. Possibly for weeks. I simply down tools over the weekend, but there’s no way of communicating that.

I have many regular clients away from Fiverr, none of whom expect or indeed want communication over the weekend. If I ever was to go away on a genuine ‘vacation’, I give them warning.

It’s the use of the word ‘vacation’ that doesn’t work.

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And nice graphics they chose to display.

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There you go - it’s even more than just the language used - this screams “don’t bother waiting for them, they’re sleeping under a palm tree… In Hawaii!”

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Even if you are hit by a hurricane, this is what your buyer would see


Yes, I doubled back to the old thread to post this as it was very uncertain of how things were going to go. Even though I don’t get a lot of orders I wanted to play it safe.

I couldn’t agree with you more! I believe Fiverr should introduce or allow us to customize the text or use presets!

It has been suggested before though!


RESOLVED - Thank you Fiverr for listening to us :slight_smile: