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Vacation mode but not sure


I have exam in my varsity so that i can’t do any jobs. I decide on my vacation mode but i am not sure in future it will be good for my gig or bad :sob:


just use fiverr as a social media. I mean just log in log out. checking notification. If u don’t want to work dn just ask byer 500$ for a job which worth not more than 100$ :grin: he will automatically give up. :grin::grin::grin: kidding bro… :stuck_out_tongue: try to increase delivery time so that u can take ur time to complete the order.


I am also on ‘Vacations’ but I am not using Vacation mode, I have increased my gigs delivery time to 10 days and I am still getting new orders every day.


Thank you bro for your tricks


Thank you brother for your information