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Vacation mode button disappeared


I sometimes use the vacation mode button when I am overbooked and/ or working at very large orders. I wanted to check whether I was still in vacation mode or not and today it seems the vacation mode button has disappeared altogether.

Can somebody please look into this?
I made a screenshot, so others can see what is going on.


You will find it on your profile page.


I have found it! Thank you so much. I was watching the Fiverr video on vacation mode earlier on, but they do not mention this option. I vaguely knew of this possibility. Thank you for getting me back on track!


Hahaha. I was also wondering where the vacation mode went. This thread helped me found it. Thanks


@evanego Thank you! I am glad that my rant helped someone!


you need to refresh and reload your page.


Meanwhile, the problem has been solved!


I found it. I’ve never noticed it was there before. Good to know.