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Vacation Mode & Buyers who Have not Accepted/Rejected Yet

I have 12 orders that have not been accepted/ rejected by various buyers. I plan to go on vacation on the 8th of July. I notified all of them in hopes that we can finalize these orders because of this.

What happens to these if I go on vacation and they are just sitting there not accepted/rejected, even though I have finished them? I mean hopefully more of them will be completed by then, but what happens?

Can they still reject them while I am away, and will they be marked late? I will still have the app of my phone and since I let them know that I went on vacation well before I left - and that they had a chance for revision - if they do reject and it goes into revision mode I can just remind them (again) that I won’t be able to revise it until I get back?


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If you’ve delivered them all, they’ll all complete automatically 3 days after you delivered them , so unless anybody asks for modifications within those three days, you’ll be fine!

So you’ve got lots of time between now and when you go on holiday - have a good one! :slight_smile:


In addition to what @offlinehelpers said, it would be a good idea to turn the Vacation mode on at least a few days before you actually go on vacation (and become unavailable for work/revisions), so you can finish everything on time.