Vacation mode, can I overuse it?


Is it possible to get in trouble for using vacation mode too much? I tried to find it in previous forums but they were from a long time ago, and in the ToS I couldn’t find the exact answer.

To explain, I have a few recurring clients that have made it possible for me to stay in vacation mode and still maintain an income, however, whenever another past client messages me and wants to order, or a new client that I have contacted. I have to take myself out of vacation mode. Normally I just send custom orders, but sometimes it doesn’t work.

Sometimes I am on vacation mode for one day, and go back in it. Can I over do that? Or will it screw anything up? Haha I always feel like I have ridiculous questions, but after recent updates and new policies I find it best to not “guess” if I have reliable people I can turn to here. :slight_smile:


calling @writer99025 , who uses vacation mode all the time too and can probably help.


Hi there,
i would personally never suggest you to go ever in the vocation mode whether or not your income is enough to bear the living…
using it frequently will inevitably damage your reputation since you would not be having any impression on your gig…
i did it same as you and go a huge deficit.
you are lucky though but please avoid doing that …
need:slight_smile: any answer let me know thanks…


You can choose up to 28 days per year. Click “Done”, and you’re set for your vacation.


That´s an article from January 2014, though, so it´s pretty old by now.

Something newer I guess:

In the DURATION FIELD drop-down list, select how long you will be away. Currently, you can select from one day to two months.


Ya that was the one I saw so I was freaking out! Haha


it is your luck you have the previous buyer granting you more work but they may not do it forever you do not and should not be depending on them entirely…
go ahead along with them,your circle should be vast


Yes I definitely know it won’t be forever, but I also have clients who make big orders. When I am not in vacation mode, people can just order without contacting me. When I am in vacation mode I find it stress free because I control the orders, and I won’t wake up to a surprising amount of rushed orders.

-For examples, my most recent stress load out of vacation mode happened when I had someone buy a 7,000 word order without contacting me, barely gave me any details, and rushed it into a two day delivery when I already had 5 big orders in queue. Who does that!


in that case if you think you have orders more than you need or you can bear up the load you need to find your buddy for the same job as a partner instead.
but to me choosing vocation mode is not a way out of this problem…


But then why does it offer us the reason of vacation “because I’m overbooked” haha. I guess ya, I mean I could be complaining about not getting orders. I know it is a silly thing to ask, but I really just wanted to be sure I was not breaking any rules.


These were some secrets no one knows unless they go through them…
and YEAH they do offer that for the relief for those who are burdened but that mode also may lead you to one day you want the same days back as they used to be…lol
sorry but trying to clarifying you.


No I think what you say makes sense, I just was so overloaded last month that I wanted to take a small vacation, but I don’t think that is possible because I found myself making custom orders. I took myself out of it, and until some poophead decides to order another massive order without talking to me first (I mean come on, at least give me a heads up), I guess I will stay available. Haha. :slight_smile:


yup having the order without discussion with the client has ever been a nightmare to the sellers…
same things to me but really want those days back.At least they were better than being free and looking for the order …lol


You can pause the gig insted of going vacation.
As far as i know you have only 28 days vacation per year. (Few years back in fiverr. Not sure now)


I use vacation quite a lot to stop unsolicited orders coming in when I’m backed up. I haven’t noticed a problem - sometimes it takes a few days to get people interested in my gigs again after i come back, but that’s just me.

It’s personally saved my butt a few times when I’ve had too much on (and fiverr is not my only source of work) So I guess to me it doesn’t overly matter at the moment if there is a detriment, but I personally haven’t seen any.


Ok perfect! It sounds like we do close the the same thing, because I also get overwhelmed and I only use it when I feel that I can’t complete the current orders sufficiently. But it was working so well for a while I just kept it! Haha


Hahah yes - for me it is a perfect way to make sure I can retain my high quality. Unfortunately even with “Please message me to discuss and make sure I am available” slathered all over my profile and gig, I still get people who order without discussing it. I used to just do it because it was easier, but tbh once I increased my prices I haven’t had many ad hoc out of the blue orders expecting the world for $5, which is a good thing. I hope it continues to work for you! :slight_smile:


I’m wondering if the “Limit Orders” might be helpful too? I haven’t tried it, but when you want to pause them temporarily, this may be the right solution.

Anybody know the details on which one may be better/worse, and/or how they compare?

(My first guess is vacation mode will pause all gigs, and obviously this is gig specific. I’m still wondering if there are other details that make one better for some situations, but not others…)


Yes! I definitely want to know more about this!! Becuase I had this on one gig. It works great, the problem is that when they realized it wouldn’t work on THIS gig. They ordered from another gig of mine that wasn’t maxed out. I’m happy they wanted to order from me so bad, but I mean… Come on. Haha so i wish we could have a “Max gigs in queue” for our entire order list.

Edit note: I misspelled something and it was bothering me.


Don’t use it, unless you want to go down in the search results.


You can always pause each gig individually