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Vacation mode, Does it affect on GIG impressions?

Hello !
So, i am a Level 2 Web Designer here on Fiverr and a student in the same time.

I’m considering activating ‘vacation mode’ for a month or so to focus on my studies, but i don’t want my gigs to suffer as am getting a great a mount of orders. i am just worried that this will affect my gigs impressions and won’t receive any orders after i comeback.

I’m wondering whether activating vacation mode will have an effect on gigs I am currently working on or not?


I recently activated vacation mode for about five days. I see a significant drop in sales. It has been about two weeks since I’ve been back and so far it has not returned to the level it was at before.

Honestly, there have been times when i went into vacation mode and it took some time to recover, and there have been times when i’ve taken off vacation mode and seen a boost in the normal sales.