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Vacation Mode: does it really effect sales and visibility?

Does vacation mode effect sales or visibility, im going on vacation next week for 7 days and was thinking of just changing the delivery rates to longer as i can reply to messages and things but just not able to complete any orders. i havent heard great stories about using vacation mode and I dont want it to effect me as im on a roll here lol

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If you can reply to messages then don’t use it. You can set longer deadlines.

Of course, your gig won’t be visible in Search anymore and even when you end it you won’t get the same position back. It’s by design like this, it’s not a broken feature :slight_smile: If you’re on a vacation then Fiverr shouldn’t promote your gig.

This topic has been discussed. Vacation Mode Won't Kill Your Earnings :smiley:

I only had good experiences with vacation mode and have used it often.

I’ve used it three times. Once for one day which hurt sales. Once for a week and it did not hurt sales. Once for ten days and am still trying to recover. It definitely did hurt sales with half the usual number of orders even two weeks later.

A year or 2 ago when vacation mode was first introduced it was a little hit and miss. Ive just come back from 2 week holiday with my gigs in vacation mode and sales have returned to almost exactly as they where before.

Extending your lead time to 10 days for a 7 day holiday would also work if you can stay on top of messages.