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Vacation Mode Does Not Stop Acceptance of Custom Orders

A couple of weeks ago I submitted a custom order to a client and told him that the following week that I would be leaving for vacation so I could complete the order before I left if he accepted the offer, or it would have to wait until I returned. He waited until my account was set on vacation mode and accepted the order and the system let him. I now have about one day to complete six days worth of work because of this glitch. Be careful with custom orders. I should have set the offer to expire but I never dreamed that the system would allow him to purchase when I was away.

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Yes that happens, custom offers are tricky, i say you should just cancel it if you can’t do it, just tell him you’re on vacation he knows that already

Or, if you want the buyer to quit dragging heels, put a 24 hour time limit on the offer. “Poop or get off the pot,” and what not.