Vacation mode effect


Hi friends, I am university student and last two weeks I was in vacation mode because of my exams. So after getting back I am reviving a few orders. Sales decreases heavily. Anyone have idea about this?


The Vacation Mode effect is actually a Fiverr Urban Legend… some said it’s good to use it when you go on holidays or take a small cut from your Fiverr’s duties… some said it’s like a twilight zone… and once you come in, you’ll never come back being the same :expressionless:
The last conspirational theories mention the real effect is managed by dark forces: they really don’t want you to go on holidays :frowning:
Personally speaking, I’ve been in touch with those forces, on two occasions… and on both, I’ve lost almost 3 weeks to get my normal working rhythm. Depending on how long you’ve been away, those forces increase or decrease their power over your Gigs.
At the end you’ll find yourself sharing a common place on Buyers Request, among sellers who offer their services and real buyers (less than 20%), begging to get a new order.
After a while, you come back on your feet, but that experience has changed you forever.
But I won’t go that path anymore, I’ve chosen to extend my delivery time for the number of days I will be away, so I don’t have to face those forces anymore.
Maybe you should do the same the next time :expressionless:


A big unsolved question on fiverr!