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Vacation mode for individual gigs


So I have some gigs, I put my profile on vacation mode.

What if I wanted to vacation mode one gig, can I pause some gigs and not all my gigs?

I am actually going on vacation.


Where are you going? Did you just get back from Hawaii?

I don’t know anyway. I think vacay mode is everything or you can pause individual gigs. I’d just work through the vacation anyway, but that’s because I am a TRS and ting. Hell, I’ll deliver with food poisoning…


I think there is no way to put vacation on only one gig, but you can actually pause a gig individually.


Hm, I think if you just pause individual gigs, buyers can still push your contact button and message you, while when you are in vacation mode, it´s:

Notify Me
I’m enjoying a vacation and will be back soon.
I’m enjoying a vacation and will be back in 21 days.
Click the button above to be notified when I return.

All methods I remember mentioned up to now which people use depending on how much they fear their gigs will drop in ranking if they activate vacation mode:

actual vacation mode
pause gigs
set allowed orders in queue very low
edit gigs, put long enough delivery time