Vacation mode help!


Going home to see Mom! Started Fiverr in 19th February, so first time using vacation mode!
I’ll be back tomorrow. Is it good to use vacation mode for one day? Or I can go outside without vacation mode (because it’s for just one day) :ghost:


ehhh for some reason there is a bit of mystery surrounding vacation mode. I can say that it’s probably better to ‘pause’ your gig than activate vacation mode.

i did the vacation mode about 6 months ago, for about 10 days and it took almost two months to get momentum like i was experiencing before i went away.

that being said, if you’re only gone for one day, can’t you just keep it active ? will you have any internet access to answer inquiries?


I was nervous about this myself from all the things I’ve read in the forum regarding it. I also started in Feb and went to visit my ill mother so I had to go in vacation mode despite my reservations, but for me I didn’t really feel it impacted me negatively. In fact upon my return I got even more busy! Good luck.


I didn’t know about the pause! Thanks for sharing that tip!


It’s better to go on vacation mode than pausing your gigs, but will you answer your messages in 24 hours? If so, just do that. If not, I’m not sure what’s best for one day. Last time I went on vacation mode I was busy as soon as I came back.


Thanks. I was curious about this feature. Now I’m thinking about negative side of this option :scream::scream::scream:


If notification works well, I will reply. But I think network will be poor while I’m outside.