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Vacation mode: here's my question

I’ve been setting my account on vacation mode over the weekends only. Subsequently, I’ve had a significant drop in orders and views. Would my weekend vacation mode affect my visibility?

It seems a lot of people struggle to ‘bounce back’ from being on vacation mode. So, based on what I’ve seen on the forum – Yes, it absolutely does affect your visibility. Vacation = significant decline in visibility and slow return to normal visibility.

As you’re a Level 2 seller with decent level of reviews, I might suggest that you forego the vacation mode and put on your gigs that you are only online Monday-Friday. Check in 2 times over the weekend to send a quick “Thanks for contacting me; I’ll get back to you on Monday!” message to anyone who contacts you so your response rate doesn’t go down. You might also download the app if you can spare the data/have good internet connection so that you can reply rapidly with the “Talk to you Monday” message ad keep your response time low as well. Fiverr counts the time from their message to your response as response time and if you responded within 24 hours of their message for response rate.

If you don’t officially go on vacation you won’t see the visibility of your gigs decline.

However, people may be less inclined to work with you if you’re not available over the weekend. It’s a bit of a Catch-22.

Hope that helps.

Awesome! thanks for this