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Vacation Mode - how does it affect active orders?

I have a decently popular gig where I manage a social media account for 7-21 day in a row. I’m planning on going away for a long weekend next month and will not have access to internet for those 3-4 days. Last time I disappeared for a day or two, I let my clients know and made up the work for them later (everyone was happy). I didn’t put myself on vacation mode since I did have access to email during that time and let one potential new client know that I was away and would be back after the weekend.

I’ll be heading to a place where I have zero access to internet. I want to put myself on vacation mode for that time period to let potential customers I’m away and will be back. However, I’m worried about what it’ll do to the accounts that are active. Will the time remaining to complete the gig just tick down like normal or will it cancel the gigs? Should I not even bother with vacation mode (I’ve read about the glitches) and just make note that I’m away in my profile and gigs?