Vacation Mode: how does it affect current gigs?


Hi everyone,

My sales have just started to get a little hectic (I just reached level 1, yay!!) and I don’t want my gigs to suffer for it, so I’m considering activating ‘vacation mode’ for a couple of days so I can work on the gigs I currently have; but I’m just worried that my buyers might think I’m doing a runner, or that the gigs I’m working on will be deactivated!

I’m wondering whether activating vacation mode will have an effect on gigs I am currently working on or not?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Your current gigs will not be effected in any way. You still need to finish them in the time you have set up originally and everything. You can set it up to say that you are overbooked so I don’t think buyers will think you are doing a runner:)


Reply to @cristinaghy: Legend, thank you for that, WHAT A RELIEF! hahaha :slight_smile: