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Vacation mode is good

Just got back from vacation and everything’s fine

I had read that vacation mode was bad, I was out for 10 days, I disabled the vacation mode just before get in my plane, when I got home, 12 hours later, I already had 5 new orders and a lot of message in my inbox, so , in my experience, vacation modo was a good solution to enjoy my travel and keep my mind out of work

Please, share your experiences :slight_smile:

Sergio Yanes

Excellent, Sergio! This has been my (good) experience too. I prefer to use vacation mode so buyers don’t think my gigs have just disappeared like they do when they’re paused. When I’ve used vacation mode, I always come back to orders within a day or so after I’ve disabled it.

I just wish we had more than 60 days so I could use it on more weekends during the year, plus take actual vacation time in the summer and when my family travels. I often work on orders over the weekends, but I’d love more breaks from replying to messages sometimes.

I also have had a good experience with vacation mode. I activated it for two weeks at the end of August and the second I turned it off I was in the same spot in the searches as before, and I just had an order a few hours later. :slight_smile:

I wish I would have used this feature before. Lost my level 1 and level 2 badge. :frowning: :frowning:

Just curious, do you think vacation mode provided a temporary boost in orders? I’m traveling this coming weekend and will be able to work, so I’m on the fence about using vacation mode.

wao. its a good news. because i am also worried about vocation mode. some guys told me vocation mode is made effect for sale. but i read your story and no need to worry about vocation mode :slight_smile: thanks for share your story about vocation mode in fiverr :slight_smile:

Reply to @writerlisaz: I agree :slight_smile:

Cool! :slight_smile:

You have an impressive profile @belengarcia

“Sigue así” fellow countryman :slight_smile:

Reply to @pyridoxal: To be honest, I don’t know! But I can say “it keeps the things just where they were”

Reply to @webexpert1313: I hope you have a great experience with vacation mode, good luck :slight_smile:

@geekygood I don’t know how that’s possible anyway it’s too sad to hear about

What happened?