Vacation mode - Issue



Well i notice when we select vacation mode, even we selected option that we are overbooked it says

“Aloha, Skydesigner
Vacation mode is now ON. Your Gigs are not active.”

Well if we are overbooked i think it shold let buyers sees that we are overbooked
Here are some frequent questions i get from buyers when i use vacation mode

  • “Omg i need logo asap when you comming from vacation”
  • “enjoy on vacation let me know when you come back”
  • “happy vacations”
  • “I need this asap when you will come back”
  • “you are on vacation and we didnt finish order”



my buyers hating me right now I had to inform each of my buyer that im not in vacation im just OVERLOADED,
fiverr really need to update this vacation mode system.


I have same problem always…


I thought it was only me. we should suggest fiverr to do take care of this is really important to us.