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Vacation Mode: Limited to 28 days a year


You can turn off your gigs too. Honestly I did it all the time when I had appointment with my doctor. I had a month in hospital and I had to cancel quite a lot of orders. Vacation mode did help me that time, but now I have no longer any day so I choose to suspend my gigs in need.


I find this very frustrating. I use Fiverr as a part time job when I’m bored or looking for something to do. So far it has proved helpful and I really enjoy writing but I cannot afford to use this as a full time job. So far I have had work every day and its been 7 weeks.


Hi all :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this information.

Does anyone know if it affects your status (or ranking / visibility when you re-activate) whenever you suspend your gigs?




Gesh, another thing poorly implemented.

Why make a feature for us that we wanted and completely muck it up?

My vacation hurts no one except me. Vacation mode is to protect me.



Are vacation days refilled on the anniversary of your join date? January 1st? Or from the date you first used one?


Kiss, exactly, we need MUCH better communication about limitations from Fiverr. Or better, NO LIMITS.


Thanks for creating that thread. I just came to know about that another BS by fiverr. That’s really annoying. X(


I have been on Fiverr for a few months but I still can’t say “I know everything about Fiverr” :-/


Reply to @thecreativeguys:

There shouldn’t be a limit at all! I was planning to use it to avoid pausing gigs, this is not a fulltime job with a salary! I just can’t believe how much restrictions and punishments this web has! :confused: Only one month here and already planning to leave :confused: Horrible experience.


Will the 28 days be ‘recharged’ on the basis of a calender year or how does it work? I will be leaving for four weeks next month. I will burn all my vacation mode days.

When will my days be recharged. Will that be next year in July (in which case I am screwed, because I don’t know what my plans will be for next year) or will that be at the first of January?


28 days vacation per year is morethan enough for me… :wink:


Ohhhh Heeeeckkk Nooooo

Fiverr if you hear me:

I pay 20% to you, I am supposed to be my own boss, but jet you fool with my business and independance with no regards.

If you want to act like an employee and put me on restriction, please pay my health insurance, put a 19% income tax on all buy and I want regulated work houers.

If not, I am confused, is this an online platform that I use as a freelancer and pay 20% to use your platform or am I employed by you???

I think wee need to speak up about this issue as well!


So fiverr is basically implementing every new feature incomplete. It seems some developer at fiverr is just playing and no one is to stop him.


This is a real bummer… I have been using the vacation mode so I do not get overbooked. I actually read the whole book I review, so getting to pause my gigs is sometimes really needed so I can finish the gigs before I have another book to read. Sometimes it takes me two days to read one book…

So I can’t put it on vacation mode… but yet customers can now give me less stars if I take too long?


Reply to @thecreativeguys: Maybe write to the support explaining your situation? I don’t know, I’m a bit hopeless too.

This place it’s weird for me, I work on other freelancer webs and there is no limit on the “Not available” profile tag and no punishment for not answering messages and more important: Contracts do not start until YOU choose to accept it.


Reply to @ciellchan: I am sorry to hear that, right now I am on vacation.

I checked my to do list today… 11 unread messages!



Yep exactly thats two bad systems that are working against eachother there for you! Thats why I am so against this new ARS deal


Reply to @ciellchan: Yea… I read once on the forum that when you suspend your gigs it hurts your searching…

The only thing to do is simply leave your gigs active but put a message on your profile “on vacation” (check out my profile)

however people just don’t read.

I wasn’t on fiverr for 2 days. I had 11 messages to respond.

EACH ONE: "We are currently on vacation and not accepting any orders"

As simple as that… or maybe not :slight_smile: :wink:


This is the dumbest thing they can think off. Theyre doing so many things wrong lately. They depend on us and theyre not hearing us out.


Reply to @bachas85:

Is fiverr one of your income streams? or your full time job?

I just started Fiverr but I already have a steady income from my online business.

Fiverr is extra for me. I have heard this can turn into a full time job.