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Vacation Mode not showing


I’m overbooked and I usually go to Vacation mode to prevent more jobs but now I don’t see it at all.

Did I use Vacation mode too much ?


Nope, it’s gone, even though I stopped using it for a while :scream:

Maybe they are redesigning it, to allow us to use our own Vacation Messages.


The button is still available on the profile page.


PHEW, Cat to the rescue :smiley:

Thanks @catwriter - I guess they’ve chosen to keep it only on the profile page.


I just came here in a hyperventilating frenzy because I could not find it either. I don’t know what is going on but I’ve had more people buy without contacting me this month than the last few combined. I’m thankful for the work but it’s to the point that I’m eating dinner while typing most nights.

Now I have spaghetti on my keyboard. :woman_facepalming:


Perhaps it’s a change in design, and perhaps it was temporarily removed because of sellers who try to turn VM on so they can avoid demotion.

Or maybe it’s just a bug.


That sucks, I didn’t even know it was there


Really VM can avoid demotion?


I use the :iphone: App for vacay mode. Just checked and it’s still intact. :sweat_smile:

LOL :smile: Was your :spaghetti: tasty?

Sounds like you’re clumsy like me. I spill food and drinks on my :computer: all the time. :grimacing:


That depends on timing. If you’re on vacation and therefore not receiving messages or orders, your response rate and cancellation rate might give you less trouble. Then again, if your stats were close to red, not receiving new orders you’d complete or new messages you’d answer to might ensure that you do get demoted.


i was on the vacation mode sometimes ago but still, my gigs are showing active in the search result.what is the solution of this?


Used mobile app and it works fine :slight_smile: