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Vacation mode or pause my gigs?

I’m in the process of moving, and will be unable to complete any orders for the next week or so. I was going to put my gigs on vacation mode, but I’ve read a few posts here that say it’s better to just pause your gigs. I’ve also seen it suggested to increase my deadlines so that I’ll have plenty of time to handle my move, and still have a few days to finish any orders.

Although I won’t be able to complete any orders, I still want people to be able to see my gigs, and I can still answer any messages I get. I recently hit level 2 status, and have been getting quite a few orders, and have definitely noticed where my views and impressions have increased, so I don’t want to do anything that would negatively affect my gigs.

What would be the best route for me to take?

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I frequently have to go offline from Fiverr and to be honest, haven’t had a problem with vacation mode unless I’m away for more than a few days. That said, if I am away for a week or more it takes a long time to build back up to my previous amounts of orders. In this case, maybe only hit the vacation button for 3-5 days?

For me, just increase your delivery time and place a note somewhere in your gig or profile that you’re away but will deliver as soon as xxxx or so. I checked your profile, seems like you did just that – but your extra fast delivery is still there so you might want to put that away first since some buyers just really press that button without reading anything and it might hassle you since you’ll have to ask for a cancellation.

Thanks for the advice! I figured that by increasing my delivery time and noting it in the gig, that my services would still stay in rotation. But I completely overlooked the extra fast delivery option. Thanks!

I prefer vacation mode. Haven’t tried pause yet, do you still get the “notify me” when you pause the gig? I don’t know.

After you go off vacation mode are your gigs still in the same position?

No, there’s usually a slump in sales, but that’s only temporary and sometimes they come back stronger than before.

It’s true that when we go on vacation, we give our competitors a chance to catch up. Our absence means they can get the orders we used to get. However, it’s not the end of the world, there’s plenty of business for everyone.


hi what will happen with my active orders (undelivered and delivered ) when i will turn on vacation mode?

Your active orders will remain active. Vacation mode only prevents new orders from occurring, it doesn’t stop the clock on old orders. Here’s how I do it.

  1. Turn on vacation mode
  2. Deliver every active order
  3. Enjoy vacation

Hey I have a order which has deadline of 3 days left
So I don’t want it to be late
What will happen if I will just left it as they said it will go offline for just 1 hour?

Turn on vacation mode, then delivery every order. Remember, vacation mode doesn’t stop the clock on live orders. It only prevents new orders from coming in. You’ll still appear on the search results, but buyers will see “notify me” instead of “buy now” or whatever they see.

You can go offline anytime you want, but the clock is always ticking on every live order.


But I have a live order!
And 3 days left!
What should I do?
Fiverr is saying it will be not more than 1 hour so will it be ok if I just left it?
Thanks in advance,

That sounds like an upcoming SAW meets BLACK MIRROR movie storyline.

Hi, is it possible to create a new custom offer while in vacation mode??
Thanks in advance!