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Vacation Mode Order trouble

Over two weeks ago, a buyer who was very happy with my editing asked me to make her a custom offer. I made the offer, and she did not respond. Five days ago, I put my account on Vacation Mode, because I had to go out of town. Then, two days ago, she accepted the earlier offer, and the Fiverr clock started ticking. I contacted the buyer right away, explaining that I’m out of town and can’t download her file… I requested a mutual cancellation, but she denied the request, with no explanation, and now the order is officially late. I’ve requested cancellation again, but if she denies it again, I’m worried that I’ll have to delete my account when I get home, and start all over, because no one will hire me. Do I have any recourse?

Hello, you might have to ask CS to cancel that order if you really can’t do it.

Otherwise, try telling your customer again, very politely, that you can’t do it now. Just explain to him/her that he/she can get the money back by accepting the mutual cancellation.

Or you can say that you will be back in x days, and that you can make it then. If it’s a buyer without a rush, he/she might think that’s good.

Hope that helps.

  • Mike

In the future, be sure to cancel any open Custom Offers before you leave on vacation. It’s an easy mistake to make and has caused trouble for other buyers too. I hope you can get it resolved.

By canceling the open offer, do you mean the “Withdraw Offer” button? Since this offer was connected with an existing Gig, and my gigs are all paused, it seems like she should have gotten some sort of notice to that effect when she accepted the offer.

The weird part is that I had such a good rapport with this client, so I’m surprised that she simply declined the cancellation request with no communication whatsoever. The Fiverr request mechanism has the cancellation happening soon, unless she declines it again. After that, I have no idea what sorry state my account will be in. So annoying!

Yes, the withdraw offer button is correct. I can see why you might think Vacation Mode would pause everything, but since the Custom Offer feature is fairly new, it doesn’t yet work like that.

Another thing that happens to sellers is that a buyer will place an order but not complete the second step. The timer doesn’t start and the purchase is just paused long term. If those aren’t cancelled, sometimes a buyer will notice them days, weeks, months later! They may provide info and activate the gig. If that happens during Vacation Mode, the timer still starts and can go late. That’s why it is best to do a mutual cancellation or ask CS to cancel those buyer-mistake purchases before going on VM. My guess on your buyer is that she doesn’t understand that declining the cancellation isn’t going to just give you more time. You may have no choice but to let it cancel or ask CS to do it.

Is there a best way to get CS to do it? I’ve been reading horror stories about CS.

I don’t think my buyer is confused. I’ve been very clear in my messages to her about this cancellation. She just seems to be stubborn at this point.

Reply to @pictishwitch: I’ve read the horror stories too and I’m sure there are some problems sometimes. I’ve had good luck with CS and it’s not the badge because my ticket were before that. I think for me it’s been a combination of being super polite and respectful to the CS rep even if I’m upset, giving them time to resolve the issue instead of pressuring them or opening extra tickets, and plain luck. The longer you wait the harder it becomes since then your issue gains urgency and it’s harder to be patient.

That my best set of tips and if that doesn’t work, some people say it helps to ask if a different CS rep can review your issue. Also, if you keep it to a minimum and your ticket goes a couple of days without response, you can give them your ticket number on Twitter. Just don’t be repetitive about it or they get irritated.