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Vacation mode problem

i am a level 2 seller i came back from vacation mode and stopped getting orders. how can i resolve this issue

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It takes Little time :slight_smile:
Just increase your site impressions and Views!

Text all your old clients that you are back, maybe some of them were trying to order again! You just need to get 1 - 2 orders anyhow to roll the ball again :slight_smile:

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I’ve been on vacation mode a few times in the past, sometimes I got orders within hours of reopening the gig, in other cases I didn’t hear from anyone for days. I think it just depends.
No need to panic, it happens all the time.

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If you do that, hope that none of them report you for spamming, otherwise you could get your messaging disabled.


Its like sending greeting to own clients whom you have served!
Its a marketing strategy and for own clients! You’re not contacting other accounts!

So i dont think its an activity will be reported as SPAM

What will happen if your old clients mark your messages as spam? So that’s no a good idea.
@ecoverpros17 Many sellers are facing your problem. That’s why I never turn on vacation mode. :smiley:

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Some sellers got their messaging disabled for doing that.

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If every seller I’ve ever communicated with were to send me message to let me know when they are going on vacation or when they were back, it would be just awful.

5r is like a giant internet flea market. When a seller goes on vacation, I’ll buy from someone else.

Technically, you’re not my employee and I’m not your boss. I suggest you not advise others to do this.