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Vacation Mode questions


I could have sworn I had posted this thread before but for the life of me cannot find it. So with the holidays coming, I would like to go to vacation mode for a few days. Are you required to answer messages during that time? Do you come back to a terrible rating for response rate, or do you have to spend the vacation on the mobile app explaining that you are on vacation? Some of the old threads on the topic contradict each other as to the issue.

Interestingly enough, the word vacation does not appear anywhere in TOS.



Yes messages keep coming in. It does die down since your gigs are not visible, and your profile shows you are on vacation but you still can get them from old clients or people you have had messages from before.


I I think I need to hire some kid on fiverr to write a fiverr auto responder.


There is the chance it is better to pause your gigs since when I took vacations it was at least two months to pick up to where it was before. The month after vacation my income was half or less what it had been.


Someone else said that you can also set delivery to 10 days and not miss out either.


That’s a great idea! But the buyers might get nervous when they don’t hear from you right away.

You might come back to 50 orders to deliver also.


I think no matter what because of my regulars, I’ll create a saved response and probably be sending some kind of auto reply from the app anyway. At least it will say I’m out for a few days, will respond on 1/5 or whatever. Seems like any other possibility will anger one of the many Fiverr gods.


I think in these troubled and uncertain times (we don’t need more command and control; we need better means to engage everyone’s intelligence), it is probably best to just keep a check on your messages once per day, to be sure, to be sure.