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Vacation Mode. Should I activate it?



I’m just about to leave for a two weeks vacation.

I’ve read stories here that activating Vacation Mode seriously impacts search results for my gigs and rating.

I will take my laptop with me and I’ll be able to answer any potential buyer. I can even complete smaller jobs, but it’s clear to me that I won’t be able to perform at my regular optimal level.

Not sure if I should activate Vacation Mode or not.

Any advices and/or suggestions are welcomed.




yes some time impact with sells. in my personal opinion if i activate vocation mode then after activation its really impact for order


I will suggest you to increase your gig delivery time instead of vacation mode.

Sometimes it turns horrible, why take a risk?


If you are unable to perform at your optimal level I would def. suggest vacation mode. Why take the risk and potentially get an OK review just because you cannot give 100%?
I just came back from vacation mode, and was gone for almost 3 weeks and thankfully it did not impact my spot in the search. Enjoy your vacation :wink:


Thanks guys, really appreciate your feedback.
I think I’ll try to explain to my customers the situation.
Hopefully they’ll understand my problem and hence, longer delivery times.

Probably I’ll have to deliver new customers orders though, especially those who order first and send job details later!


I recently went on holiday and turned vacation mode on for two weeks - it did impact on my gigs initially but has returned close to the previous (pre-vacation) level after about two weeks back home. My partner is also a seller and a similar thing happened to her Fiverr account.
If you can, I would extend gig delivery time and update your profile to indicate you are away and how you are responding to gigs while on vacation - as others have mentioned, this may reduce a fall in search rankings for your gigs.

BUT… enjoy your holiday!!


Reply to @ilovenish: agreed. until you are bombarded with orders, it would be foolish to go on vacation mode. Hence it is important you increase your delivery time.


Reply to @annai80: I’m with anna180 and have had good experiences coming back from vacation mode. But, @maxer_25, if you will have wifi access and your laptop, and you can (and want to) respond to messages while you’re gone, extending your delivery times to after you get back and have time to work on orders will work. You will just have to keep responding to messages and confirming orders while you’re gone, but won’t have to work on them.


Reply to @maxer_25: Yes, I think if you do explain the situation on your gig and increase delivery time, it sounds like you might have the best of both worlds. That is, if you can work on some of the orders while on vacation, your response time will not decrease, but if you cannot get to any or all of the orders, they will not be late, which is very important. I have not yet had to consider vacation mode, as I am still pretty new, but I thought I would throw my thoughts in anyway. Good luck and enjoy your vacation!


I agree @webexpert1313, each time I’ve activated the vacation mode my sales fell drastically, sometimes it took me about two weeks get an order


Reply to @maxer_25: I put a note on both my profile page and my gigs that I am on vacation and name the dates I’m away. I use that to explain the longer delivery time, too.


Reply to @ilovenish: yes absolutely right