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Vacation mode to Out Of Office caused me to loose 2 rating levels!


I am very upset as my account has been dropped from Level 2 to a basic seller in the past 2 months. Over the past 2 months I have relocated from USA to the Netherlands. I have been without a steady internet connection until a few days ago. I put myself on vacation mode to prevent any new gigs and messages to come through. Unfortunately, messages still came through and my account was negatively affected. This happened not once, but twice.
My response rating is at 0% right now, though I haven’t been active for almost 2 months.
When Vacation mode switched to Out of Office, the system automatically put me back as active.

Only 1 Fiverr employee has helped me. His name is Federico. He was able to manually fix my response rate to 100%. Now, my response rate is 0%. I have sent these screen shots of our messages, and my recent findings since I am now back online. No one is helping me. I am coming here to hope that the Fiverr community can help me or maybe the Fiverr staff will see this and reach out to help.

This is a significant loss as I have been planning to make Fiverr my main source of income while in Holland. It took me years to build up my account, now its down to nothing. I am so upset.

Please help.


Here is a screen shot from Federico that stats my response rate should be 100%. I am now at 0%


Maybe you can contact customer support and ask for Federico to help you again the same way. Don’t send more than one ticket about this, put the request on the same ticket.

You should be able to work your way back to level 2 in a couple of months anyway hopefully.

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I have tried. But only other people respond. The latest response says that what Federico did has nothing to do with why I am at 0% right now. Which is a crock of bull, because it is the exact same issue. The system failed. Fiverr wishes to put the blame on me and brush it under the rug. I want some real answers. This is so messed up!

How are your other statistics on your analytics page?

If you answer every message on time for the next two months you should be back at level two.

5 star rating
My on time delivery is low because I had a rushed job (1 day delivery) where the buy requested a ridiculous amount of revisions. This caused the job to be delayed. This was one of the only gigs I have done in the past 60 days, so I understand why its low. Though, it should not be a late delivery due to the revisions.

Everything is green accept response rate and on time delivery.

It is my understanding that if you deliver the first time on time, revisions do not make you late, even though it says LATE on the order page.

Anyway in two months you can be at level two again if you are careful of the stats.

I just checked the gig that is making my delivery time rate low. It was delivered in under 24 hours for the first delivery. Why is it marked late?

I don’t know. You could ask customer support.

Too bad they aren’t helping me. :frowning:

Sometime it feels like Fiverr is beta app.


Fiverr just issued me a Nice Topic badge, but can’t fix my account. lol

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yes. right. Never turn on vacation mood on. Because if you are in vacation mood fiverr automatically pause your gig. so that fiverr stop showing gig anywhere. and rating of gig is down.

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So, how can I have holidays?

You can’t, you need to work every day. Like a donkey :rofl: Just kiddin, but yeah they should revise that. Its very annoying to not be able to pause our gigs for vacation and not be affected by it.

Sometimes we have to give time of my friend’s and relatives . In this situation what can we do…?

UPDATE: The issue was never resolved. Fiverr ignored they made a huge mistake and Federico never responded.

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I have been told the same about revisions but I double it highly.

Hey buffalomedia,

I hear your pain and can relate. I too have had tremendous issues with the vacation system. You can not not put it on via the app as it doesn’t how on the site. You can put the vacation mode on but orders and messages come through anyways and yes because of their failed IT and “customer service” Fiverr will let you take the fall and hit your stats without reversing it, due to their own incompetency. Yet, in many years they have NOT cared enough to address the issue and fix it. Sellers just don’t rate the time apparently. The vacation system doesn’t work properly every time and hasn’t in year, in what I’ve witnessed. It also doesn’t work properly from the app, as do a lot of other items in that app. But I digress.

This is clearly a Fiverr IT & “customer service” issue that Fiverr needs to get on the ball with and sooner rather than later. There is not any reason why you should have to rebuild your business over another 2 month span just because Fiverr can’t get their proverbial SH*% together and get a competent IT & Client Relations Department going to fix their site issues.

The customer service staff agents are incompetent as well. Canned responses, little help to it’s sellers (who in essence help pay their salaries) as well as lack of caring and communications with tickets. IMHO, Fiverr should not EVER be anyones main source of anyones income. Fiverr is pretty inept, multiple tech issues and horrible client (yes you are a client) support and service.

Diversify your income streams please. Do not depend on just Fiverr or any other “gig economy” site as your main stream of income. Get on all of them that you can, at the least. Create your own website, market it and get a proper SEO system in place for it. Drive all your traffic & work funnels to your own website! Diversify. Some of the great tech sellers here on Fiverr can help you do that in not time flat and with more competency than this site itself has.

I feel so badly for you in having had this happen. I hope that you are able to get your business back up and running quickly in the Netherlands. I also wish the best for you with a much more reliable stream of clients coming into you via more reliable and profitable systems.


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