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Vacation Mode Vs. Extending Delivery

Just sharing my experience…I read an online tip saying if you go on vacation, to extend your delivery time to past when you get home to not disrupt your ranking on search pages. So I tried it. I returned to PISSED OFF regular buyers who didn’t read the new delivery time, just didn’t get their delivery in the amount of time they usually do. Just a tip, as I totally didn’t think about my buyers who don’t even look at my gig any more, just order. I will set my gig to “on vacation” in the future. It’s about the clients and their deadlines, not my ranking on Fiverr pages! Lesson learned.

Of course it would tick them off. Don’t misuse the system and inconvenience buyers to try to protect your ratings. It doesn’t work, anyway. Why would Fiverr incentivize treating clients this way? And they would face litigation if they made it possible for people to mess with buyers’ deliveries like this.

How would you like if someone decided to deliver late and then set it to a mode that disabled contact and accountability? Why would a client be okay with that?

If you have a problem, you deal with the consequences. You don’t put the consequences onto your client.