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Vacation mode VS Pausing the GIG


Hello Guys,

I know this topic was discussed before, but it was long time ago ( i guess ). i’m posting this because may be new updates and trends have changed(?). so anyone know which is better for a seller? Vacation mode or Pausing GIG?


None of the above. Set delivery time to 30 days instead.


If you are away from work or taking a vacation you can simply put a vacation mode :slight_smile: No need to pause.
As ducnomo’s advice, you can increase delivery time. But your gig will be visible in search and you will receive msg from buyers. If you not able to answer them it will reduce your response rate. Though you can respond through your Fiverr app , still it will hurt your conversion rate.
This why best practice is putting the vacation mode :slight_smile:


Vacation mode is the best


I used vacation mode recently for two weeks and had no problems at all. When I came back, my gigs were in the same places as when I left.


Vacation mode is the best. You can also extend delivery.