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Vacation mode VS Pausing


So I’m going on vacation soon, and I’ll need to put my gigs on hold for about a week or so.
I’ve read about your gigs not appearing in search blah blah and other minor issues when you go on vacation mode, so I’m thinking of just pausing my gigs.

My question is, are there any differences between vacation VS pausing your gigs?
I have a good number of buyers so I’m guessing ( well, hoping) they will contact me again and I shouldn’t be worried so much, but I’m just wondering.

BTW, who likes In N Out burgers? That’s the first thing I’ll be eating when I arrive in California.
Animal style fries, here I cooooooooooooooooome. :heart_eyes:


I like birds like fries Lol :heart_eyes:


Have fun in CA!

I missed going to Hollywood, Sacramento and San Francisco. I need more vacation time!

:sparkling_heart: Your regulars will trample each other to get in line to order when you return! :grinning: Until then, I guess its Google translate.

:arrow_down: Googled. How bad is it? :scream:



I used vacation mode for one day and it took at least six months to get back to where I was.
I will try pausing them next time. I’m still not sure how to handle messages since I understand they continue to come in.

It might be that being inactive for any period of time removes your gigs from their previous good ranking. I know others who place their gigs in vacation mode each weekend and their gigs assume the same excellent position each time they come back so I’m not sure how it works.


Both vacation and pausing have not been kind to me. Once I pause all my impressions went negative, from green 47k to red 47k… Vacation did the same.


Uh…if I translate that sentence directly, it will be something along the lines of “We to you” or “We for you”

…it makes no sense…what was the original sentence???


HMMMMMMM, maybe I’ll go with pausing for now…it’s only for a week, it should be OK.
Cross my fingers!!
Thank you everyone :smiley:


Ha, ha, ha! :upside_down:

“We will miss you!”

… And, that’s why I only use Google to get gist of something. :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy:


…oh…OK…ahem, that’s…bad, yeah…

“We will miss you” is quite a short sentence, but yet it came out pretty messed up!!


Have a great time on your vacation! :tropical_drink:

Please let us know how it was, and if your gigs returned to their previous place.


Last couple of times I went on vacation there was no obvious reduction in orders on my return. I think if you come back when you say you’re going to it’s okay. It used to be the case that it would take a week or two for the orders to pick up again but not recently.

Also vacation is better because it flags you as on vacation and potential buyers can be asked to be notified when you return. People can also see you’re on vacation so even people who’ve contacted you before may wait until you’re back. Basically, vacation mode comes with lots of special in-built selling features that are useful to you, whereas just pausing your gigs doesn’t.


I used vacation mode one day last October and regretted it.

You could set all your gigs priced at $500 also.


Agree with @capitalquality. I have been on vacation mode for up to 10 days and usually got an order within 1-2 days after I came back.

I love how it notifies your buyers about your absense. Don’t be afraid to go on VM mode.

Have a geat vacation and enjoy your time off :wink:


I LOVE In N’ Out. I’m from the West Coast originally and that was my favorite place. If you’re in Cali look for the diners too. Have a cliché American pie for me too. :hamburger: I miss it so much! Haha

Also, I go in vacation mode every month for two weeks so I’d say it’s all good.

Edit: I forgot to tell you…
HAVE A GREAT VACATION!! :yellow_heart: :baggage_claim:


I use vacation mode. I have 17 gigs, don’t have time to pause all of them one by one.

You might see a sales slump once you came back from vacation, but it’s not permanent. In fact, I don’t think anything is permanent on Fiverr. Sales, views, clicks, search results, it changes. Refunds hurt you, but deliveries help you so as long as you keep delivering more than you refund, you’ll be OK, I think.


I don’t know if you’re still seeking responses, but how about just extending your delivery time(s)? I came out of town on Fri and won’t be back until tomorrow night, so rather than pause or go into vacay mode, I changed all my delivery times to a week AND added the information to my gigs’ descriptions, as well - "MY NORMAL TURNAROUND TIME IS 3 DAYS, but I will be out of town Fri the 19th through Mon the 22nd, so I’m temporarily extending my delivery times. "


@tee_hi Suggestion is one of the best suggestions I can give you.

I’m no fan of pausing or VMing my gigs.

Have a wonderful vacation!


I may try raising my gig prices to $300.


Nice Idea. I will try it for sure. Its better than vacation mode.


Oh my, wouldn’t it be WONDERFUL if I actually raised my price to $300 and I got an order!!?? :heart_eyes: