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Vacation mode vs. purchases drop


Hi there.

I have a strange feeling that when I go on VM, every time I am back there is none or much much less purchases than before. Is this a coincidence, my hallucination, or true?



No, the gigs you suspend are invisible, but your account is still considered active if you are not on vacation. This is only if you are concerned that vacation drives down your ranking. But I assure you, it does not. Your drop is most likely due to other people moving into your category with better pricing, descriptions, and stats.


I used to think the same thing, but in reality, you appear right back where you were in the listings; for example, high rated. Vacation mode doesn’t actually hurt you, but it slows down your momentum. Your best bet is to raise your prices, or suspend your gigs instead. Then, you are still active, just adjusting your income.


Reply to @webtelly:

So are you saying, when I suspend my gigs they are still visible? Or I got you wrong?

I know, maybe it’s my illusion, but I think Fiverr has some kind of algorithm which can shift down your vacation mode gigs, and then if you won’t change something in a gig, you are at the bottom


OK, thanks.