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Vacation Mode Won't Kill Your Earnings


One common fear we hear about Fiverr is that if you go on vacation, you’ll experience a huge drop in sales when you come back.

Thanks to hurricane Irma, I was on vacation for 7 days.
On the 13th I turned off vacation mode and made $8. Yesterday I made $76. Today is Friday, which has historically been my worst sales day, and I made $32 (so far).

Vacation mode is not the money killer people think it is. Your gigs don’t disappear, and buyers can click the “notify me” button, they can also message you.

Just make sure you turn it off and then delivery every order in your queue. Otherwise, you might get unexpected orders which can delay your vacation.


I’m glad you stayed safe. I guess power is back on in Ft. Lauderdale, glad to hear it.


Thank you! I will just turn it on during my next vacation!
Hope everything it all right at your place after Irma Hurricane!


Glad to hear you are okay and back to work.


It was insane, we went to Mount Dora, then Tallahassee, then Pensacola, then my dad drove all the way from Pensacola to Aventura (Miami), through Jacksonville because 75 had a lot of traffic.

Even if I had had a laptop, I would have probably end up clicking “resolution center” and asking for extensions. We stayed 1 day at one place, 2 days at the next, and 2 days at the last place.

Also, the Fiverr app doesn’t let you click “resolution center,” so if you have no internet connection and an order is due, you’re out of luck. The most you can do is ask your buyer to solicit a refund. Personally, I believe in being proactive. Many buyers are new and don’t know how to use Fiverr, so it’s better to do things for them.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I had to tell a buyer to click “resolution center.” One time I had to do a screenshot because he didn’t see it.


I heard of people driving all over the state trying to run from the hurricane as the path of it changed, first to the west coast, then Orlando, then the east coast.


Thank you for this vacation mode information! I was deciding whether or not I change my delivery dates or just go on vacation in a few days actually. Somewhere I read that the gig disappear in search? I was concerned about that.
Glad everything turned out okay for you.


While it does not remove your gigs from search, if you are on a roll and doing really well it can knock that down to more modest levels. It can reduce your earnings but not completely end them.


Thanks, that’s good information and makes more sense than gigs disappearing.


Yes, that is correct. If you’re on a roll, getting a ton of orders everyday, vacation mode does slow your momentum and gives your competitors and opportunity to catch up.

The good news is you can get your sales back, one thing I like to do is message everyone who messaged me during my vacation, let them know I’m back. Not everyone hits the notification button.


It takes me a month at least to build back the momentum.


Actually same thing happen to me before turn in vacation my earning was 400$ per month after that my gig disappear on search result i suggest you to is make your gig deliver time in you vacation time. or you can hire your friend to do that.
Keep safe

Vacation Mode: does it really effect sales and visibility?

Well, I think people hire us to work for them, not to hire someone else that can work for us. I also think that when you have 20 gigs (or even 5 gigs), changing the delivery time on each gig becomes a huge hassle.


well it killed my sales :stuck_out_tongue:


What happens if somebody orders your gig then you go on vacation mode? do they get put on hold or get cancelled?


You should complete the order before you go on vacation. Always plan to give yourself a few days in advance of when you go on vacation to complete any unfinished orders.

The order continues on the same schedule even if you go on vacation mode so you need to do it anyway just as if you were not on vacation.


thank you :grinning:


Nice to know that you are okey so far. Enjoy!


Today, I made $100, I came back from my vacation 8 days ago.


They are predicting four more hurricanes during the remaining two months of hurricane season. :roll_eyes: