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Vacation Mode Won't Kill Your Earnings


Congrats mate. It worked for you, for me it didint :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking at your gigs, I think you’re offering too much.

I Will Do Perfect Background Removal Of 15 Images For Amazon

Why 15? why not have packages where you offer 1, 3, 5, or 1, 5, 10.

I also see you have

I Will Do Any Photoshop Work Within 12 Hours

Why 12 hours?

Those two gigs in particular are too desperate in my opinion. When buyers see something that looks too good to be true, they end up hiring someone else.


I always avoid getting on vacation, I prefer to edit the delivery time for each individual gig before I go away for more than 3 days


I know I am offering too much. Unfortunately, people from Bulgaria, Pakistan and India that do the same job offer 2-3 times more services of the same job so I had to be competitive :confused:
I used to do 5 pictures but then my sells stopped and other buyers were offering the double or more…


You can be competitive with quality instead of quantity. People will see that you do less, but if they like your portfolio samples, they’ll realize you’re offering better quality.

Think of all the time it takes you to fix 100 images for $40. Is it really worth it? And how many clients really need 100 images fixed?

Today for example I had a $50 order for two Facebook ads with one day delivery. I think it took me 30 minutes to do this, maybe less. Now a competitor of mine could offer 10 Facebook ads for $50, or even 20 for $50, but most clients don’t need 20 Facebook ads. They’re happy with two since they’re testing one against the other.

Well, you can do as your wish. My mentality is “make the most doing the least.”


You are absollutely right my friend. I have the same attitude on that matter. The only reason I offer that right now is because I was out for some time and have to win some customers since I am in 0 sales for long time. I TOTALLY agree with you. Quality wins quantity. :slight_smile:


Oh and thanks for taking all that time to advice me. You rock :smiley:


Thank you, you’re too kind. :slight_smile:


He likes to thank people so that’s nice.


hahahahahaha lol