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Vacation Mode

I am going away on holidays for a week and chose the setting that I will be away on vacation. There was a message that came up that said my rank would not be affected and that customers would still be able to click on my gig to notify them when I returned. That I would be able to see the number of customers in my queue. I now see that both my gigs are suspended and do not appear at all in any searches. I would prefer for customers to still see my gig while I was away.

Great thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:

Vacation mode can be buggy though.

I switched it on until May 26, and as far as I can tell, it is still on.

Nevertheless, I got a Fiverr mail stating that my gigs are now suspended because my time off was scheduled until May 22 …

Can anyone see my gigs?

Reply to @belgianwriter: I can see your gigs and can subscribe for a notification. It says you are enjoying a vacation and will be back in two days.

Reply to @cristinaghy: Thank you for your reply. The Fiverr mail I got must be due to a bug. It looks like everything is still in holiday mode.