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Vacation Mode?


Can vacation mode be activated while you have a gig in progress? I have one that is going to demand a LOT of my time for the next few weeks, and it’d be easier to deal with just this one project. I just don’t want turning on vacation mode to mess it up. Thanks.


Yes, it can. Your gigs will go down but you can still work on the orders you have, and you can also send messages and Custom Offers to clients still.

One of the reasons we sometimes go in vacation mode it because we’re overbooked so yes, this is one way to use it.


Reply to @writerlisaz: Thanks. This is going to be a HUGE project. If I didn’t also have a full-time job it’d be no problem but, since I do, I need vacation mode BIG TIME. Thanks!


Yes, activation vacation mode is good. But your gigs disappear in fiverr up to vacation mode.


Reply to @rocks_design: That’s fine, as long as I can complete the ones that were already ordered.