Vacation Mode


Does anyone have any experience putting their gigs on vacation mode? Does it allow you to finish up currently ordered gigs while not making new purchases available? Also, how do I put my gig in vacation mode? What are your experiences with this function?

Thank you!



You go to My Gigs, you click where it says “vacation mode”, on the right button.

Vacation mode means nobody can order, but your pending orders do have to be completed. If you were getting 1-order every hour, I would turn on vacation mode and finish the queue. Others might send cancellation requests, but that’s just being wasteful.


I have an intention to take a few days off myself (after almost 3 years without a break) but I did read some negative experiences about this feature?

Does it work OK, will the gigs be removed from the listing immediately? Because I heard stories about people who got orders even after they turned the vacation mode on…

I believe it was some short glitch, but can someone please share an experience? Thanks in advance!


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thanks so much!


Reply to @kjblynx: No, your gigs are immediately removed from search results (I manually check this every time I use it). They still show on your profile, but only a “paused” button is visible, rather than the order button.