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Vacation Mode?


I have currently over 20 orders in query and more coming in daily. I want to raise my prices but the system won’t allow me to because the extras can’t be changed when someone has bought that extra. :frowning:

I’m wondering if I switched to vacation mode and finished these 20+ orders I could change my prices then…

Does vacation mode cancel and refund all the current orders or just prevent new orders?

Any advice would be awesome… thank you tons. :slight_smile:


Congratulations! It’s wonderful to see someone being successful on Fiverr by selling something other than money-making scams! :slight_smile:

It’s pretty awesome that you’re using your price increase as a ‘sale’ and also letting peeps know in advance.

Congrats on your success! You can go in vacation mode, work the orders down (no those will not be cancelled) I did the same this morning. And then go ahead and raise your prices :wink: . Good luck :slight_smile:

AWESOME! Best news like all day! :slight_smile:

Thank you both for answering so quickly…

Congrats on your success!