Vacation Notification Gadget for Sellers


Dear Friends, don’t you think that there should be some vacation notification option in Fiverr which can be turned on if the seller is going on some form of leave or special engagement?

Tell me your suggestions which can be forwarded to the Fiverr Management team.


Your suggestion matters a lot. Share your thoughts.


I set my times out for the time I’m away. I think maybe the times have been shortened a little. I will be going on Holiday in October. Even so, I will deliver some gigs on the slow times.


Freezing your gigs will have an effect on your sales when you resume your services, which is why many sellers do not prefer to suspend gigs. I think suspending gigs should be a good option if only it doesn’t slow the sales down when we plan to get back to work. I haven’t activated one of my gigs for quite sometime because I’m not offering the service at the moment. I will see how it goes when I activate it in the future.


I like the idea. I wonder if there are some other ideas to manage the vacation times or the downtime for the sellers :slight_smile:


There should be some sort of automated message that can then go out to people who contact you, regardless of how they do that – I have just returned from a vacation, and although I edited my gigs to extend the time (and put a notice about that quite clearly in the gig itself) I had a return buyer contact me directly through the message system, and then wondering why I wasn’t replying.


Reply to @jasveena: I have a doubt that if we suspend and re-active our gigs then its search visibility pay get impacted.


Reply to @marsch001: Yes, that’s what we think is missing at Fiverr.